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The Language of Trade Marks. English Language Competence for Patent Attorneys

All about trade marks

The Language of Trade Marks is an on-line course directed at patent attorneys who would like to develop their English language skills in the context matter of Community Trade Marks (CTM). The course material is based on the OHIM’s CTM registration procedure from filing a CTM application to its registration, and the various activities expose the course participants to the specific language used in the IP protection matters.

The Language of Trade Marks | Course Information

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Beat Procrastination NOW! Time Management Success | udemy

Beat Procrastination
Do you find yourself wasting time?
Do you have the same few tasks appearing on your To-Do list time and time again?
Do you want to be more productive everyday?

Procrastination considered as “thief of time”. This course gets to the bottom of what procrastination is and what types of procrastination exist. It helps you to examine where procrastination comes from and the problem it causes.

Beat Procrastination NOW! | Course Information & Enrollment

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