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Games & Exercises is – like it’s name – a collection of games and exercises meant for leaders and facilitators of international workcamps and seminars.

In the chapter entitled Getting to know each other & Starting a Programme, you will mainly find games for learning names and getting to know one another, but also some suggestions about how information about participants, and where they have come from, can be exchanged in the form of games. These games can make the arrival of the participants easier and facilitate their first orientation within the group and workcamp.

Numerous loosening up and activating exercises are found in the chapter Energisers & Warm-ups – Games for Breaks: co-operation games, games of „catch“, singing games, games for games evenings etc. These games help participants to „liven up“, get active and relax into the programme.

Ideas for the thematic content of the workcamp, the Study-Part, are in the chapter called Thematic Games – Exercises for the Study-Part, i.e. methods for programme planning and group division and help for people to get into discussion, as well as some particular aspects of the Study-Part.

In the chapter Body Contact & Trust – Acting & Improvising, you will find games and exercises which aim to help people get in touch with their own bodies or get used to contact with others (e.g. with simple loosening up and physical exercises). It also contains theatre and improvisation exercises.

At the end of this collection is the chapter ‘What happened?’– Evaluation & Reflection. This explains how interim and final evaluations can be made.



Guidelines for Using Games and Exercises

  1. Getting to know each other & Starting a Programme
  2. Energisers & Warm-ups. Games for Breaks
  3. Thematic Games. Exercises for the Study-Part
  4. Body Contact & Trust. Acting & Improvising
  5. „What happened?“ – Evaluation & Reflection

List of Games and Exercises


At one glance…

Title Games and Excercises for International Workcamps and Seminars
Language English
Author Michael Kimmig
Publisher Service Civil International Deutscher Zweig e.V. | Bonn, Germany
Year 1995, 2005, 2015
*This handbook was produced with the support of the Bundesministerium for families, senior citizens, women and youth.


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