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Resources for International Youth Work | Publications

Resources for International Youth Work | Publications [Roman Kraft via unsplash]

International Youth Work Resources – A list of my publications in English, Polish and German. Useful resources for working with interculturally mixed groups in the fields of International Youth Work and International Voluntary Service.

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A propos Polski. European Voluntary Service in Poland. Guidebook not only for EVS volunteers

A propos Polski

A propos Polski is above all directed at people who take on the challenge to live and work in Poland as volunteers in the frame of the YOUTH Programme. It includes some information on discovering Poland and a lot of useful practical hints as well as links to other sources.

All in all, this brochure serves as a starting point and aims at showing you a lot of doors. Some of them will allow you to get an idea of what’s behind, but to really see what the rooms behind the doors look like, you’ll have to find those doors yourself in Poland…

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“Meant to be a Mentor” Blended Training Course | Report

The Polish-Lithuanian Blended Training Course for EVS mentors was organised by the Polish and Lithuanian National Agencies from October 2014 till May 2015. This pilot project was carried out with the support of the Erasmus+ Programme. The report serves not only as a retrospective presentation on what

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MEANT to be a MENTOR – Call for Participants


Are you working as a mentor for EVS volunteers?

Are you about to start or right in the middle of a mentoring process with an EVS volunteer?

Would you like to connect and engage in a long-term learning adventure with other EVS mentors?

Would you like to develop your competence as an EVS mentor?

Yes? – Then we are happy to invite you for a long-term journey to discover and develop yourself as an EVS mentor. On this journey, we would like to raise awareness of the importance of the mentors role as well as develop competences necessary for carrying out your job as a mentor. With this, we would like to raise the quality of mentoring within the EVS support structure.

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The undiscovered country. Future, Personal development and Managing change in the context of EVS trainings

The undiscovered country

“The undiscovered country” is about learning through experience during European Voluntary Service and introduces our three main topics. These topics are explored in the following three chapters “Future“, “Personal development“ and “Managing change“, both from a more or less “theoretical” and from a practical point of view. Thoughts, ideas, outlines of methods and tools may serve as an inspiration for how to work on this topic during EVS seminars and meetings.

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Między Innymi 2012-2013

Miedzy Innymi

W czerwcu 2013 roku zakończyliśmy drugą edycję warsztatów międzykulturowych dla studentów „Między Innymi”. Celem projektu jest promowanie edukacji międzykulturowej w instytucjach edukacji formalnej (na uczelniach wyższych) oraz przybliżanie jej istoty osobom, które w przyszłości będą pracowały z młodymi ludźmi.

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Przygotowanie polsko-litewskich projektów młodzieżowych

Publikacja Przygotowanie Polsko-litewskich Projektów Młodzieżowych

Publikacja opisuje podstawowe etapy przygotowania projektu. Czytelnik może zapoznać sie z działaniami niezbędnymi do stworzenia projektu, jak także zrozumieć różnicę pomiędzy formatem pierwszym a drugim dofinansowanych przedsięwzięć.

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