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Resources for International Youth Work | Publications

Resources for International Youth Work | Publications [Roman Kraft via unsplash]

International Youth Work Resources – A list of my publications in English, Polish and German. Useful resources for working with interculturally mixed groups in the fields of International Youth Work and International Voluntary Service.

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Games and Exercises for International Workcamps and Seminars

This brochure is a collection of games and exercises: from bringing individuals together, breaking the ice, activating groups, developing trust, untill reflecting and evaluating the group work and process.

Games & Exercises is meant for leaders and facilitators of international workcamps and seminars.

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A propos Polski. European Voluntary Service in Poland. Guidebook not only for EVS volunteers

A propos Polski

A propos Polski is above all directed at people who take on the challenge to live and work in Poland as volunteers in the frame of the YOUTH Programme. It includes some information on discovering Poland and a lot of useful practical hints as well as links to other sources.

All in all, this brochure serves as a starting point and aims at showing you a lot of doors. Some of them will allow you to get an idea of what’s behind, but to really see what the rooms behind the doors look like, you’ll have to find those doors yourself in Poland…

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Neue Broschüre „Praxiserfahrungen und Tipps zum Einwerben von Fördermitteln“

Im Rahmen der Bundesinitiative „Mäuse für Mobilität – Teilhabe an Jugendbegegnung und –reise für Alle“ ist die Broschüre „Praxiserfahrungen und Tipps zum Einwerben von Fördermitteln“ erschienen. Die Broschüre bündelt Beiträge aus der Praxis und Recherchen zu den Themen Unternehmenskooperationen, Förderung durch öffentliche Mittel, Einwerben von Spendenmitteln und Identifikation geeigneter Stiftungen. Ein praxisnaher Ratgeber mit Weblinks, Tipps zu weiteren Publikationen und Ansprechpartnern aus der Praxis.

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Meant to be a Mentor. Workbook for EVS Mentors

The “Meant to be a Mentor” workbook is a practical guide for EVS mentors working with their volunteer(s). Its content and activities guide mentors step by step through the whole EVS project cycle. Mentors can carry out the activities with their volunteers, reflect on their experience and share their good practise in an online community (a link to this online community of mentors is provided inside the workbook).

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Przygotowanie polsko-litewskich projektów młodzieżowych

Publikacja Przygotowanie Polsko-litewskich Projektów Młodzieżowych

Publikacja opisuje podstawowe etapy przygotowania projektu. Czytelnik może zapoznać sie z działaniami niezbędnymi do stworzenia projektu, jak także zrozumieć różnicę pomiędzy formatem pierwszym a drugim dofinansowanych przedsięwzięć.

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