The Language of Trade Marks

The Language of Trade Marks | Image: LEXICON

Doing business with companies abroad and trading across national borders has become common practice for more and more companies. Protecting one’s own intellectual property is essential for the company’s success on the international level and global markets.

Patent offices and lawyers offer services to register trade marks, designs or patents not just on the national but also on the European or international level.

The Language of Trademarks course supports patent attorneys in Poland in developing their English language skills to handle IP protection matters on the international level more effectively and confidently.

The Language of Trade Marks is an on-line course directed to patent attorneys who would like to develop their English language skills in the context of the European Trade Marks (EUTMs). The course material is built around the trade mark registration procedure and post-registration matters – from filing an EUTM application to different scenarios which registered trade marks may follow. The various activities expose the course participants to the specific language used in the IP protection matters.

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