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Intercultural Aware Vocational Orientation | Blended Learning Programme

Blended Learning Programme for teachers and educators in the field of vocational orientation. The programme aims at supporting young refugees through participation in career guidance program for social and occupational integration.

MEANT to be a MENTOR | Blended Training Course for EVS Mentors

MEANT to be a MENTOR | Blended Training Course for EVS Mentors

The Polish-Lithuanian Blended Training Course for EVS mentors aimed at raising awareness of the importance of the mentors role as well as developing competences necessary for carrying out the role and tasks as an EVS mentor.

Miedzy Innymi

Między Innymi – Among others | Developing Intercultural Awareness and Competence

Między Innymi - Among others is a joint initiative between the Polish National Agency of the Youth in Action Programme and the German-Polish Youth Office is offering Workshops on Intercultural Competence for future teachers and youth workers.

The Language of Trade Marks

The Language of Trade Marks | Online Course

The Language of Trade Marks is an on-line course directed to patent attorneys in Poland who would like to develop their English language skills in the context of the European Trade Marks (EUTMs).



lexicon supports and empowers individuals, teams and organizations operating in an intercultural context.

lexicon offers seminars, workshops and training courses as well as coaching of individuals and teams.

lexicon helps to develop and improve intercultural communication and competence.